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One thing that most people rarely consider though is the hotel safety and security at their destination. This should be at the forefront of the planning process to make sure that those who are going and their goods are safe. There are things that must be done before a hotel is even booked.

online map using IPAD

  1. The first one is to use an online map and have a look at the hotel’s location. If it is amongst known tourist areas, then that is fine; however, if it is in the middle of the red light district or nowhere near other hotels, then forget it.

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  1. Always read reviews before booking as this gives a clear picture of what the hotel is like and the surrounding area. Remember that a lot more people go online to complain than praise, so do not take a bunch of negative reviews as a bad thing unless there is a trend of the same problem. Thanks to the internet, it also allows us to check the crime statistics for some locations around the world, and this gives a good idea of the area around the hotel.

fire escape sign

  1. Once at the destination, it is time to unpack and relax. The first thing to check is where all the exits are in case of a fire. Most people do not do this, but it can save seconds in the event a quick exit is needed at some point. Some hotels run fire drills, and these are usually mentioned somewhere in the room. Always keep the room door locked, and never open it unless you are sure who is on the other side if someone knocks. To check it is the staff, just call the front desk and ask for confirmation. Always keep ground floor windows closed.


  1. Many people now travel with tablets, cameras, smartphones and numerous other devices. Ensure that these are left in the room Otherwise the front desk will be able to secure them. Never leave anything of value lying around the hotel room. If no room safe is present, use wired combination locks to lock and cluster together the luggage cases. This is a very good deterrent as thieves don’t want to drag two cases locked together out of the room. The best thing to use though is common sense, do that, and you should be safe and secure.