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Food Tips For Feeding a Family on the Road (Part 2)

Food Tips For Feeding a Family on the Road (Part 2)

Last time we talked about planning meals, buying frozen, pantry and fresh food as well as utilising food staples. Here are a few more tips that we always use when on the road or planning our next adventure.

  1. Flour goes a long way, as bread isn’t always readily available remotely

Whilst we don’t have time to be baking up a feast on the roadway, we do find that flour is a fantastic enhancement when the fundamentals like bread may not be offered in remote locations. Baker’s flour can be conveniently worked up into scrolls, pizza dough or fresh bread rolls. Self-raising flour is excellent for making damper or a quick set of pancakes. Every one of the family members love getting in on some baking action too!

  1. Simple is best – pick healthy, simple to prepare treats with a lengthy shelf life

Youngsters can consume a lot of food! Or otherwise much, relying on the kid. Regardless, there are additional considerations when it pertains to food demands for families. Travelling in a caravan brings lots of new experiences, so it’s best not to include an added element of new food to the formula for kids.

You recognize your children best, and the food that they such as to eat. Some kids choose vegetables to be presented on a plate, perhaps raw, rather than combined in a stir-fry or premium meal.

Our children like carrot, capsicum and tomato fresh, however do not such as to eat it cooked. They will certainly feast on a dish of frozen peas for a snack or get a canister of tuna or baked beans. Rice cakes covered with their favourite spreads are an additional go-to dish or snack that are simple to store and have a long life span.

These are all healthy and balanced options with the incentive that the youngsters can prepare themselves. They can also be loaded for a day out and eaten as an outing without way too much prior preparation. We find if the youngsters are associated with meal preparation, buying and prep work, every person is happy.

  1. On-line food buying – a terrific way to avoid going over-budget

Ultimately, after preparing your meal plan and taking into consideration the types of food that you have an area to store, it is time to shop! Set aside a few hours and take a pal to push a second cart! Conversely, we enjoy getting our groceries online and get our finished orders.

It’s a massive time saver and aids to stay clear of spontaneous grabs! If you are between locations and can take your campers or trailer to the store with you, you have the included bonus of having the ability to pile your purchases right in, cutting out an entire step in the process.

Do not hesitate to obtain everybody associated with your planning and shopping prep work … this can aid avoid complaints in the future! Remember to keep it basic and allow food to enhance your travels, not take over.

What’s the best idea you have for preparing dishes when taking a trip when travelling?

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