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My name is Daniel Sjogren. I am a hotel manager in Los Angeles, and I manage the Caravan Bed and Breakfast site. When I was 24 I graduated on Tourism Faculty and entered into what I do now. I absolutely love my job. Over all day I have connection with people and I love it. Every day in our hotel come someone else. I love meeting people from different counties and helping them caravan, camp and adventure better.

Recent Posts

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One thing that most people rarely consider though is the hotel safety and security at their destination. This should be at the forefront of the planning process to make sure that those who are going and their goods are safe. There are things that must be done before a...

Negotiate Lower Hotel Rates with These Helpful Tips

Staying in hotels today can be expensive, but savvy travelers know all the secrets to finding the best deals. It is better for a hotel to be full than have empty rooms, and if you know whom to speak to and what to say, there is a high chance you can get the best rate...

Finding a good hotel on vacation

Going on vacation is a great thing; however, it is the bad hotels that tend to ruin our experience. Whatever the case may be, some of the hotels are just bad, and you need to know how to book a good one. Read this article and follow these advices, and your hotels...